All Saints Academy Landscape Complete!

—June 19, 2014

All Saints Academy is an extend and retrofit secondary school in Plymouth, with BAM Construction, and a project value of £11.3 million.

The project comprised of three phases, and the landscape, the final phase, is now complete.

phase 1 - construction of a 4500 sq.m four-storey extension to an existing 1980s school building. (Started: August 2012; completed: August 2013)

phase 2 - remodelling and refurbishment of the retained building. (Started: June 2013; completed: October 2013)

phase 3 - demolition of existing school buildings, including the 1950s Burrington School. The buildings were considered to have reached the end of their life, having poor environmental performance, and rooms of sizes and relationships that were unsuitable for the Academy.
This was followed by the creation of a new landscape, which responds to the varying level changes around the site, creating an exciting mix of spaces; an entrance path through an outdoor art gallery, a hard surface terrace for outdoor dining, sports pitches and courts, tree lined paths flowing through lawns and planted beds, allotment and gardens, and a variety of open and sheltered spaces for socialising. It also features an amphitheatre and stage for performances, and outdoor ‘classrooms’ for science and technology.

The phased development allowed students to continue studying with minimal disruption, and now they can enjoy their new Academy!