All Saints Academy Phase 1 Complete

—September 26, 2013

All Saints Academy is an extend and retrofit secondary school in Plymouth, with BAM Construction, and a project value of £11.3 million. 

Prior to development, the Academy had 15 buildings on their expansive site; only 6 buildings are being retained as the majority have reached the end of their life, being deemed only fit for demolition. One building being retained is the 1980s 'East Wing', which has been extended and is currently in the process of being remodelled and refurbished. The 4500 sq.m four-storey extension began in August 2012, and was successfully handed over on 30 August 2013. A central 'street' (a full height atrium) runs the length of the building, bringing daylight and natural ventilation into  to the heart of the space, and connecting the new circulation to the existing within the adjoining refurb building. The design and build process has been facilitated through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), which has been invaluable in advancing the coordination of building elements. 

The second phase of project, the refurbishment of the retained building, is due to be complete by the end of October. Low carbon retrofit of the UK's existing building stock is playing a key role in meeting the targets of the 2008 Climate Change Act.  It is estimated the retrofit will mean savings in embodied carbon of materials and construction may be as great as 70%. The extend and retrofit approach also allows the creation of a better learning environment and  substantially reduces building running costs. 

The final phase of works includes the demolition of the largest building, the original 1950s Burrington School, followed by extensive landscaping across the site. This is due to be be completed by March 2014. The phased development is allowing the students to continue studying in the existing buildings, ensuring minimal disruption.

Image Above:

The dining hall has a high ceiling and vast coloured curtain walling - the view out will be improved when the existing school is demolished and the grounds are landscaped!

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