BBC films on site at White Design project in Bristol!

—February 9, 2015

White Design made the news today as the BBC visited one of our projects on site. Last Tuesday morning the news team and their cameras came to the sight in Portway and interviewed Craig.
Their story centered around the development of seven new town houses in Bristol that are the first of their kind ever to be sold on the UK open market.

The seven homes are built with Modcell, which are straw bale panels, framed with timber.
The airtight design with the super insulated straw walls and triple glazed windows, means the new homes will
need almost no conventional heating, resulting in an anticipated reduction in energy bills by 90%.

Previously straw bale houses have been more familiar in fairy tales, due to a lack of certified materials and concerns about durability, however a new straw panel design developed at the University of Bath has received BM Trada’s Q mark certification, meaning developers and house buyers can now secure mortgages against homes, schools and offices built using this sustainable construction method.

In the UK up to 7 million tonnes of straw remains after wheat flour production, and up to half of this is effectively discarded. This ‘leftover’ 3.8 million tonnes of straw could build over 500,000 new homes, with an average 3-bedroom house needing 7.2 tonnes of straw.