Happy Birthday, LILAC!

—May 11, 2015

On Saturday, Craig and two of White Design's Part 1 students, Jyothi & Nile, travelled to Leeds to meet with members of Homebaked’s Community Land Trust who wished to experience the realities of community led design for themselves.

Below is the experience of Jyothi & Nile.

Having seen many photographs of, and articles about, the "co-housing exemplar", there was unexpected marvel upon stepping into the site. We were greeted by an instant sense of freedom. Most of all, the lifestyle was attractive (particularly of the children in the community, and the pond was mighty magical!)

Alongside the sharing of physical resources (for example, washing machines) there is also a strong sense of sharing responsibility, care and, as a result, of ownership of the community; people as well as place.

The unity of the scheme was extremely clear - it is absolutely apparent that is a result of the project's cohesive influences; people, management, the landscaping, the site, the energy-efficient homes, the children, the hard-work, the motivation, LILAC's vision...


Homebaked's visit happily coincided with LILAC’s second birthday, for which the members of the community had organised a fitting celebration. Preparation was already in full swing upon our arrival, with decorations up in the community house, residents bringing in their culinary contributions and children clothed in fancy dress.

Before the celebrations got under way we had time to explore the site with Homebaked, take a look inside the homes and shared spaces, and to meet members of the community, who shared their experiences and talked of the many benefits of co-housing.

We stayed long enough to spend some time with everyone in attendance, eat some wonderful food and join in singing 'Happy Birthday' to LILAC before we had to return to Bristol!

Here’s wishing the LILAC community a happy 2nd birthday and to many more to come!

Jyothi Pillay & Nile Bridgeman


A great write up of the day by Ronnie Hughes with accompanying photos can be found by clicking here


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