Our big news!

—March 5, 2015

 Yesterday at EcoBuild, we made our press announcement at the Innovate UK Stand. There was a great turnout, with over 60 people turning up to hear the announcement.

White Design /  Modcell have after years of research, secured PassivHaus Component Certification for whole house design.

The unique combination of Passivhaus Component Certification, ModCell’s low-carbon, renewable materials construction and our Flying Factory delivery models, means that there is no other building system that can deliver triple-bottom-line sustainable development in quite the same way. There are now 26 standard construction details to allow whole building envelopes to be designed using ModCell. They include basement, wall and roof intersections as well as ceiling, partition and window details.

The PassivHaus Component Certification has concluded 3 years of research and certification work as part of the EuroCell project.

The team are all extremely proud and excited for what the future holds!

See below some photos from the day and watch this space..........!

Screen_Shot_2015-03-05_at_11.39.32.png                     ModCell_Logo_Landscape.jpeg